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Cours d'Anglais : les prépositions in / at / on

Cours d'Anglais : les prépositions in, at, on

In English, we use several prepositions to describe when something occurs or when we do something. Look at the example :


We use the preposition in before years, months and seasons. For example

             I bought my car in 1999

             I was born in September

             In the summer, many people are on holiday

We also use in to describe a part of the day. For example :

             In the afternoon, I eat lunch

 Finally, in is used to describe a time in the future

              In three days, our negotiation will be finished


We use the proposition on before days and dates. Look at the following examples :

              On  weddnesday, I have a meeting.

              On  june 16, I am on vacation

We also use on before holidays and important events

               On the last day of negotiation, we had a cocktail

              On  Independence Day, nobody works


We use the preposition at before clock times or meal times. Look at the following examples:

                 The meeting will conclude at 6PM

                 We spoke at lunch

Grammar exercise :

Frank is planning a business lunch.  Decide if you need in, on or at ?

Frank : Hi Julia are you available [1] january 6 for lunch

Julia   : that's a Thursday. I have my weekly staff meeting [2] Thursdays

Frank : well I was thinking of organising a business lunch that afternoon [3] 1 pm. Could you re-schedule your meeting?

Julia : I am not sure that's [4] three weeks, isn't it?

Frank : yes I would like to have lunch  with several of our contacts to celebrate the conclusion of our negotiation. We finished [5] the end of last week.

Julia : all right. I suppose that I have the staff meeting [6] the morning. What restaurant are we going to ?

Frank : I was thinking about the one just across the street. I ate there [7] lunchtime today and it was excellent

Julia : that sounds fine then. See you [8] the 6th

Frank: great


[ 1 on / 2 on  / 3 at  / 4 in  / 5 at  / 6 in / 7 at / 8 on]


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